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Alice peacock lyrics

"Love Remains" (2009)

All About Me lyrics - alice peacock

I’d like to get stoned
Never come home
I’d like to be free
Not do what I should
Do what feels good
With whomever I please
I’d never look back
Like Jack Kerouac
Follow my dreams
From here to the sea
Leave it all in the dust
If only it was
All about me

When I’m not wired this way
But I know that that day
Will never come

No sacrifice
Yeah that’d be nice
What a change that would be
But the life that I got
I guess that it’s not
All about me

I’d like to get stoned
Bet I’m not alone
This song has been sung
It’s over and done
That’s all about me

Real Life lyrics - alice peacock

Met her at the high school dance down at the Aragon
He was rockin’ them parachute pants, leather high tops on
Couple years later they went and got hitched by a
Justice of the peace
Settled down in a Minnesota town and the rest is history

Baby this is real life, yeah they’re doin’ just fine
Real life, real life alright

Left home when she was 17, got her first tattoo
Never was the homecoming queen, never was that cool
Now she’s serving up drinks and getting new ink
On the east side of L.A.
Not the choice her mama would make and she likes it that way

Baby this is real life, yeah she’s doin’ just fine
Real life, real life alright

Ain’t always fun, it ain’t always pretty
Down in the country, up in the city
Everybody’s different but one thing’s true
We all gotta’ do what we gotta’ do

So me and my gypsy heart gonna
Pack up and hit the road
Got a song in this ol guitar and a string of shows
When that highway calls baby I’ll come runnin’
With my gas tank full and my six string strumming
Got a few friends that’ll keep on coming
This is all I know

Baby this is real life, yeah I’m doin’ just fine
Real life, real life alright

If I Could Talk To God lyrics - alice peacock

If I could talk to God - I’d have a million questions
If we could sit down face to face
I’d inquire how He likes to spend his days
And if he has any regrets about this world he made
Everywhere I look, children hungry, people hurting
Is it working
Does it really have to be this way
I think he might say

Hey, it’s really very simple
Follow my example,
People, it’s not so hard living the right way
Learn to love each other, your sister and your brother
If I could talk to God, I wonder if that’s what he’d say

If I could talk to God – I’d look him in the eye and
Ask him about my destiny
Shouldn’t I spend my time on grander things
And does it even make a difference anyway
In a world full of confusion
Am I part of the solution
And will it take a revolution for the world to change
I think he might say

Children you’re not there for a long long time
Is it so hard, to just play nice

Hard Way lyrics - alice peacock

When I think about my lessons learned
Every scar that’s on my heart I’ve earned
I could travel far but I’d return to the same place
I could make it easy on myself
Taking the advice of someone else
But if there’s a road that goes through hell
That’s what I’d take

I do it the hard way, do it the hard way

Never been the girl who plays it safe
Never met a fire I would not face
Probably wouldn’t take the fire escape if you showed me
Something ‘bout this reckless heart of mine
Doesn’t like to color in the lines
You tell me that it’s so, I’ll ask you why
That’s just how I’m made

I do it the hard way, do it the hard way

Get back up and then I’m down again, I descend

Do What I Can Do lyrics - alice peacock

I got up
I got dressed
Said I’ll do
My best
Said I’m up
To the task
Guess that’s all
You can ask

But the question in my mind
Am I living my life right

I do what I can do what I can
Not everything in life
Goes according to my plan
But you can look me in the eye
And know that I will try
I tell you that it’s true
I do what I can do

Well I thought
That by now
I’d have it all
Figured out
But that’s love
And that’s life
Every day’s
A surprise

I’m not perfect by all means
I’m just searching for that dream

City Of Angels lyrics - alice peacock

Last night I had a dream that I’d done things differently
And I’d let you go back to Chicago
Where the lake is clear and wide you can’t see the other side
And the folks are real, they’ll tell you how they feel
So I stayed on the fairer coast until I became a ghost
Oh fantasy, let this poor girl be
City of angels, You’re no good for me

Well there’s no use in regret
Some things I’d just soon forget
Jesus loves me this I know
Cuz’ my momma told me so
And the sun don’t always shine in this crazy life of mine
You can’t wash away the pain
Yeah, when it never rains
I don’t need to be no star down on Sunset Boulevard
Livin an empty dream
Where things ain’t what they seem
City of angels, you’re no good for me

City of angels, city of angels
You got me wrapped around your little finger
Into the fire, sweet city of angels

Last night I had a dream that I’d done things differently
And I let you go, yeah I had to let you go

City of angels, city of angels
You got me wrapped around your little finger
Into the fire, sweet city of angels

Lovely lyrics - alice peacock

I’ve never known someone quite like you
You take my breath away
You knock me out with the little things you do
And all the words you say

Because you’re lovely
Lovely you see
That’s all there is to it
So very lovely, lovely to me

Sometimes when you’re looking in my eyes
I can’t hold your gaze
Cuz’ I don’t know if you can read my mind
And what it will betray

Because you’re lovely
Lovely you see
I can’t deny it
So very lovely, lovely to me

I cannot wait ‘til I see you again

Blank Page lyrics - alice peacock

Blank Page
Fill me in
Tell me where I begin

I don’t know how to handle this
There’s nothing to cross
Off my list

Standing still is full of pain
I hope I find some peace someday

Exposed and naked
Why is life so complicated

I wish things
Were more simple
I wish I learned by example

Standing still is full of pain
I hope I find some peace someday
And maybe Divinity
What it really means
Is to give away what you think you need
Who you think you are
Who you wanna’ be
And just be here now

Standing still is full of pain
I’m counting on your saving grace
Not my will but thy will be done
Thy will be done...

Angel lyrics - alice peacock

Somehow I know that somehow you can hear me
Already I can feel your little heartbeat
Wherever you may be tonight I’m sending you this lullaby

Impatiently I’ve waited for the longest time
To feel your hand in mine
May the heavens hold you close in perfect peace
Until you find me
My angel

So many nights I’ve cried myself to sleep dear
And wondered why you’re not already right here
I feel my heart might break in two
I’ve so much love to give to you

I know that you’ll be sent here from up above
And you’ll be the perfect combination of God’s grace and love

Trying To Hold Back Time lyrics - alice peacock

Mama’s looking at her baby fast asleep
Pulls him close, feels him breathe
She knows that he’s gonna go away some day
Breaks her heart life’s that way

She’s tryin’ to hold back time
Tryin’ to hold back time
Tryin’ to hold back time
Tryin’ to hold back time

Tries to hide the lines on her face
Just a girl yesterday
She’s smart enough to know the years are gonna pass
She don’t mind, but not so fast

She’s tryin’ to hold back time
Tryin’ to hold back time
Tryin’ to hold back time
Tryin’ to hold back time

It’s like tryin’ to hold water in your hand
Slippin’ through your fingers drippin’ on the sand
It’s just a waste of time, you’re gonna find it’s kinda like

Tryin’ to hold back time
Tryin’ to hold back time
Tryin’ to hold back time
Tryin’ to hold back time

Forgiveness lyrics - alice peacock

Can music change the world, yeah I think it can
Can love conquer all, well I know it can
Can we tear down this wall between you and me
Not without forgiveness

Forgiveness is hard, it’s unnatural
Doesn’t come from the heart, it’s a choice you know
There’s nothing more beautiful than the power of

Forgiveness, it’s the hardest thing to do
But it all comes down to

Look inside your heart and I’ll look in mine
Are we so far apart that we can’t cross that line
Where but for the grace of God would we
Be without forgiveness

Forgiveness, it’s the hardest thing to do
But it all comes down to

Somewhere in the dark there’s a distant light
A place where we can start to bring love back to life
Travel down that road with me I know that
We can find forgiveness

Forgiveness, it’s the hardest thing to do
But it all comes down to
Forgiveness, yeah I still believe
That sometimes we all need

I Am Mary lyrics - alice peacock

I am Mary
I was pretty
You may remember me from the ninth grade
The boys would hold me
And my friends told me
The world would know me someday

I’ve made choices
Heard some voices
Fought the battles inside my head
Life’s a fabric
But when I grabbed it
All I got was a handful of threads

There’s a stairwell
I know so well
‘Cuz it gets cold out in the street
A crumpled dollar
To start a fire
So that I could warm my feet

Police stations
Of a fire burning bright
They showed me pictures
Of those children
And told me I was there that night

All my friends have left me now
No one could see them
But now I need them
To help me figure all this out

Why do they feed me
Give me T.V.
And a blanket for my feet
But something’s workin’
‘Cuz it starts hurtin’
When it all comes back to me

Fairborn lyrics - alice peacock

You are gifted
You are golden
The veil is lifted from my eyes
Speak to me in words unspoken
And I no longer have to hide

Now I know I’m going back to Fairborn
Now I know it’s where I gotta’ be
And the road I’m walking down
Goes on and on and on and on and on in front of me

In times of trouble
In times of worry
I am safe and I am sound
Cause I have love to travel with me
And no fear to tie me down

Now I know I’m going back to Boston
Now I know it’s where I gotta’ be
And the road I’m walking down
Goes on and on and on and on and on in front of me

When I was younger
I had a vision
I was a child with childlike faith
No analyzing
No indecision
Nothing standing in my way

So now I’ll go back to Minnesota
Now I’ll go where I gotta’ be
And the road I’m walking down
Goes on and on and on and on and on in front of me

Wrong Time lyrics - alice peacock

Sometimes I feel that I was born at the wrong time
Yeah I been told that I got an old soul
‘Cuz everything seemed so much better back then
From T.V. shows to good old rock’n roll
But I believe that there’s a bigger picture
And things happen the way they’re supposed to
And if I’d come around at the wrong time
Oh Baby, I wouldn’t have met you

People seemed more civil in the old days
And we learned what was wrong and what was right
And we knew how to make a little go a long ways
And we sang with our families at night
Every generation thinks the one before
Had it a little better than they do
But if I’ve been born at the wrong time
Oh Baby I wouldn’t have met you

I’d have gone to Woodstock in the sixties
Or fronted a big band in ‘42
But if I’d been around at the wrong time
Oh Baby, I wouldn’t have met you
Oh no Baby, I wouldn’t have met you

Love Remains lyrics - alice peacock

Don’t be afraid, death is but a horizon
That the mind can’t explain, it’s just beyond our reason
Like the sun from the sky, like the tears that I can’t cry
Even time and beauty fade, everything just falls away
But only love remains

It’s not the end, it’s only the beginning
I can tell you, my friend, you will go on living
In my heart, in my head, I’ll keep all the things you said
Nice and safe, locked away, you will always have a place
And I know love remains, yeah love remains

Don’t be afraid, death is but a horizon
That the mind can’t explain and only love remains

"Who I Am" (2006)

Different From The Rest lyrics - alice peacock

Heard you're getting married today
Well that's just great and I'm okay
Cuz' everyone deserves a day in the sun
And I'm not the type to come undone
I hope she loves you
I hope she cares
And when you need someone to hold you
I hope she's there
God speed, God Bless, I guess
You were different from the rest
I still can remember that night
On the hill
I wore your bomber jacket
The one with all the patches
You asked me if I could tell the truth
I said I could and that I didn't love you
I've often wondered how I'd feel
To finally let you go
I said I'll cross that bridge
When I come to it...when I come to it

Baby Come Back lyrics - alice peacock

Baby come back, baby come back, baby come
Baby come back, baby come back, baby come
Baby come back, baby come back to me
I was wrong and I know it
So much pain in your eyes
And I've no way of knowing
If you're leaving this time
I've got no excuses
What good would they do?
I'm empty on the inside
I'm losing you
In my heart of hearts I pray
You'll find forgiveness for me someday
If it's not too much to ask
Baby I want you back

Here I Go Again lyrics - alice peacock

Every now and then I find myself back in old
familiar places
And I look into the mirror and I can't quite recognize
who that face is
I've been talking in my sleep
Think I've fallin' in too deep
Here I go again - dancin' round and round the edges
Here I go again - tempting fate out on the ledges
Here I go again - could be flirting with disaster
Here I go again - I should slow down but I'm going faster
Sometimes I throw caution to the wind guess I'm
drawn into the drama
And I try to tell myself that I should stop but it
looks like I don't wanna'
Cuz' I love flyin' high
And the look that's in your eyes
I've been blind-sided and sanctified it feels
Good and bad at the same damn time
I know it's wrong but I just hold on
This addiction to you is keeping me alive
But I have to let you know
That I have to let you go
Cuz' every now and then I catch a glimpse of who I am
And I don't like what I see

Time lyrics - alice peacock

And so I wept and raged and cried
And came through on the other side
I thought what is this that dissolves to dust
What remains of the two of us
You have left an empty space
A memory that's hard to trace
A momentary flash of light
In Time
And all across the universe
Everything expanding
At once a blessing and a curse
A beginning and an ending
I don't know the mystery
Of why we're here or how we came to be
I think we're measured by our heart
If we've been kind and done our part
Will anyone remember me?
I guess my friends, my family
We're intertwined - their lives and mine
In Time
And all around the world tonight
People are embracing
Cause it's all about the love you give
And you don't want to waste it

Taught Me Well lyrics - alice peacock

You hate to be ignored
Or maybe you're just bored
So I opened up my mail and there's a note from you
You say you're checkin' in
To see how I have been
Hey I'm doing so much better if you'd like to know the truth
You taught me well
You were my teacher and I thank you
For the hell you put me through I'm very grateful
Cuz ' I finally really learned what was important
In my life
And I thank my lucky stars everyday I'm not your wife
You're selfishly absorbed
You're childish and a bore
And I used to hold the anger in my stomach like a fist
But in time it was quite clear
That only I was suffering here
And having gratitude for you was the way out of this
You taught me well...that life is for living
It's not about taking, it's all about giving
You taught me well that sometimes what we
Want is staring us right in the face
And the power of forgiveness, the power of
Grace...of Grace

Anyone But Me lyrics - alice peacock

I'm finding it hard to live with my heart
And look at you straight in the eye
To know what I know
And know that you don't
It's getting harder and harder to hide
Baby I've tried and tried to make it real
But I can't lie about what I can't feel
You should be in love
You should have the Sun and Moon
And all the stars above baby
You deserve someone
Who can give it all to you
The way that I can't seem to do
In love is where you should be
In love with anyone...anyone but me
I've lied to myself and everyone else
And I can't keep lying to you
Cuz' I loved you once, I loved you so much
So I need to tell you the truth
Baby you need to know
You're my best friend
So I can't fake it, I can't pretend
Someday you'll smile again - I know
Think of me then

Runaway Day lyrics - alice peacock

Watching the waves wash across the sand
Sharing a smoke as I hold your hand
You're here, with me there's no where else
I'd rather be
This is the best day I've ever had
Just for the day let's runaway
Won't you play with me
Down by the sea I'll show you how happy
We can be
Let's just drift away on our runaway day
My baby works hard he works all day
Sometimes at night I can hear him say
I wish, we could, go back in time
When things were good
You know we don't have to live this way
Whenever I'm blue, I know what to do
I want to go runaway with you
Ain't a cloud in the sky
I'm feeling so high
With you by my side, by my side

Love lyrics - alice peacock

Love, Love is gonna' get you down
It's gonna' fill you up
It's gonna' swing you around
There's nothing to say, there's nothing you can do
Just stay out of the way 'til love is through with you
Love, love is gonna' bring you down
It's gonna bring you down...
Love, can make a happy home
It can bring you joy
It can leave you alone
How can it be that something so bittersweet
Is all that we're wanting and everything we need
Love will bend you, Love will break you
Then befriend you, then forsake you
Love will lead you through the fire
And show you all your heart's desire

Only A Memory lyrics - alice peacock

Since you've been gone it only rains from my eyes
No blue skies
I'm not strong enough to take the pain
It cuts so deep, I can't sleep
The shirts in the closet still smell of you
I don't know what I am supposed to do
Now that you're gone away from me
I am so blinded I can't see
How I can get through this life without you
When you're just a memory
I think the weekends may be worst
All that time, it's a curse
I've saved your message on my phone
Makes me feel not so all alone
I pray to God that he will see me through
And maybe in time I'll get over you
For once in my life
I had a love
The love of my dreams
And that was enough

I'm Still Here lyrics - alice peacock

You can take what you want
Or leave it all behind
You can listen to your heart
Or give in to your pride
But when the morning comes
And the darkness clears
You're never on your own, 'Cause I'm still here
I know that you can't stay
I know you gotta' roam
But when you're far away
Remember this is home
And when you close your eyes and daylight disappears
Imagine me with you - I'm still here
I'm still here for you. You can count on me
Night or day
I'm for real - it's true
Please listen to what I say
Baby if your dreams have a hard time coming true
You know just where I'll be - standing there by you
I'll be at your side
To help you face your fears
No matter where you go, I'm still here

Sunflower lyrics - alice peacock

Sunflower smiling at the sun
Your time is gonna' come
Keep your eyes on sunny skies
Your heart soars above the clouds
Sings a song out loud
For a brand new day - not so far away
Isn't it amazing - what you see
Isn't it amazing - what you do
Isn't it amazing - everything
Sunflowers in spring - they're just like you
Sunflower wipe away your tears
All your doubts and fears
You were born to fly - so high
Sunflower everybody knows
You're the one that grows in a sunny place
Such a happy face

Finding My Way lyrics - alice peacock

Remember when we were young and brave
Nothing could tear us apart
Together we'd face a brand new day
Fearless with open hearts
But then life got in the way
Now there's so much I gotta' say
Cuz' while I was finding my way back to you again
I found the way back to me
There were some times my words were hateful
I was so careless and so unkind
And instead of feeling grateful
I felt I'd left myself behind
But through the darkness I could see
All of the light surrounding me
And while I was finding my way back to you again
I found the way back to me
Memories, the ties that bind
The blood inside your veins and mine
The secrets of a family
You'll always be...a part of me
So why don't we lay it on the line
And give in to love while there's still time
Cuz' while I was finding my way back to you again
I found the way back to me
In finding my way back to you again
I found the way...back to me

Who I Am lyrics - alice peacock

I don't want to play your game
That everyone should be the same
I know who I am
Don't need your philosophy
It isn't any use to me
I know where I stand
In the ways of life and art
I trust the wisdom of my heart
I may stumble, I may fall
But I know that through it all
If to my own self I am true
Than I'm sure to make it through
It doesn't matter what you say
Cuz' I know I'll be okay
I know who I am
I may not be your fantasy
Or what you think I'm 'sposed to be
Well I understand
But what you clearly fail to see
Is there's nobody else quite like me
In this wonderland
My luck begins with these two hands
Cuz' nothing happens just by chance
I'm courageous, I am kind, a contradiction in
Your mind, my sexuality belongs to no one else
But me, I believe that love's a choice
I trust the power in my voice

If You Could Only See Your Eyes lyrics - alice peacock

This is simple This is basic
There's no need to complicate it
You're beautiful and I love you
And if I live for 10 forevers
Here's a moment I'll remember
Just watching you in this crowded room
If you could only see your eyes
You'd be amazed just how you shine
How you shine
This is perfect This is easy
This is falling more than deeply
More than true - it's all for you
No one else can see through me
And see the heart that your heart sees
This is perfect This is basic
Words would only complicate it
You're beautiful and I love you
So beautiful and I love you